NBPS Flickr Contest (Rajesh Satankar)

CSC_0590, originally uploaded by rajesh satankar.

This is a lovely shot Rajesh.
I love to see that not everyone is shooting nature in color. Your composition is nice and your subject is quite interesting.
A few technical tips though to make this piece sensational, would be to dodge the lower left-hand corner out, its really distracting that its the only corner of the image where it darkens. You can also see how light the petals are where the light is coming through if you shot this image as a RAW file, you can go in with camera raw (if you have photoshop), and burn it in, so it doesn’t look so blown out.
The buds on the stem are a bit distracting too, but that might just be me.
What could have been really awesome is to be completely behind the flower and have the light coming through it so all you could see is the textures of the petals (maybe). Try it out let me see how it goes.
GREAT job, and keep shooting & sharing on Flickr.

-Emma Canfield.

NBPS Flickr Contest (Lindsey Buchmann)

Happy Thanksgiving!, originally uploaded by ♥Birdgirl0123♥.

Hey guys sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. It’s been a pretty crazy end of the semester for me, and I will now be updating some new Flickr contestants over the next couple of weeks (and possibly days to make up for the lost time, so bring on the new posts), I’ll also be announcing some of the new photographers of the month so keep tuned in. – Hope you all had a good new years too.

Back to the point of this post though.
Lindsey! nice shot!
I love how the plant looks so perfectly encased in the ice, like its waiting for the warm wether to return. Your usage of depth of field is great too, having your eye drawn to what you want the viewer to look at. Something that could take this picture to the next level though is to try shooting from a different angle, you’re obviously looking down on the plant, and it could be interesting to get on the same level as the plant, or even look up at it. Also don’t be afraid to try something crazy with lighting, since you’re shooting ice in this image anyways sunlight could reflect though it in some really spectacular ways, and intensify the colors.
Nicely done though, keep them coming!
-Emma Canfield

NBPS Flickr Contest (Image by Max Seigal)

Soft landing, originally uploaded by mjseigal.

I really like this shot!
I really appreciate that the bird isn’t in the center of the frame. And the combination of the silhouette and the splashing of the water interact is really beautiful.

I only wish that the reflection of the bird on the water wasn’t cut off, if that had been in there it would have been awesome!
I also really like the fact that the silhouette of the bird isn’t completely black , and that there is still some detail in the form of the bird.

Well done Max!

NBPS Flickr Contest (Image by Timothy Brooks)


Frog, originally uploaded by timilini.

Nice Shot!
I love the colors and the details in the eyes!
The shallow depth of field in this shot works really well here too.
What would make this shot super awesome would be to try and move the grass somehow before you shoot the image, the slight blurry green in the foreground is somewhat distracting.

On this topic though since you’ve already made the image and it would be quite difficult to be able to go back and re-shoot it, if you have photoshop I suggest selecting the blurry blade of grass with the lasso tool then select curves. Where it says RGB on the scroll bar, go down to green and move the upper right part of the curve down until it blends better. If you then go up to filter>blur>Gaussian Blur and move it up to about a radius of 35 pixles, it will just bring down the green a touch to make it not so distracting. Hope this helps (try it out and if you have any questions I’d be happy to help).
Other than that this is a great shot!
keep shooting
-Emma Canfield


edited file; looks good!

NBPS Flickr Contest (Image by Bertie Gregory)

Awesome picture Bertie!

The upward angle was a great decision here because you were able to clean up the background of the photo. Be careful when using your flash though; you want to make it seem as if you weren’t using one. Try to diffuse the light next time, I like to keep an index card with me for just such occasions.

Keep up the great work!

– Adrianne

NBPS Flickr Contest (Image by Ben Fisher)


IMG_7246, originally uploaded by BenLFisher.

Nice capture Ben!
love the close up of this bird. the sharp focus in the eye is great, and the depth of field is used really well here too, the viewer just focuses on the face of the bird.
The only pointer I would try and give you is to try and more yourself enough so we don’t see the background at all; so its just the in focus face and the our of focus body (no background). That would have made this picture perfect!

Keep up the great work Ben! & keep posting everyone!

-Emma Canfield

NBPS Flickr Contest (Image by Nathan Sottung)


Colorful Scales, originally uploaded by nks12345.

This is a pretty solid image Nathan! Great job!
You do need to work on the focus for this image though the blur on the bottom of the wing is bothering me. You probably need to close down your f-stop, instead of say this is shot at f 4.0, try f8 or 11. But other than that for a beginner at Macro this is very nice!
You also have a blue-orange composition here, great use of color!

Keep up the great work!
-Emma Canfield

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