Macro Silhouettes

I have been asked by a couple of people now about how these are done. They are very simple really. All you need is a subject that is willing to pose for a minute. I would advise manual focus because the auto-focus screws up when you point the lens into the sun. Pre focus onto the subject and then line the subject so it lies in the sun. Then take the photo. I would advise low ISO settings because the sun is bright and you want the widest aperture you can without over exposing the subject. A few warnings though. The sun is, of course, bright etc so close your eyes when you take the shot. Do this technique at dawn/dusk when the sun is at its weakest so you do not burn your sensor (Though this has never happened to me and if you do it at dawn/dusk then this is unlikely). I find these types of shots much more interesting than regular portrait macros. I have nothing against these though.

I am trying to experiment with new techniques these days, so keep updated on or

Here is an example, if you do try this tell me how you get on! Thanks for reading.

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