Bempton Cliffs (sorry for large image sizes)


Sorry for lack of posts lately, have been busy with uni exams, which thankfully are over! I decided to head straight up to Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire, for some seabird photography. I had grand plans for my week long trip, however due to unforeseen geology and various other contributing factors, my cliffcam rig remained in the bag. It will be used tho, I am already scouting new locations for it to be used. The area around Bempton, and where I was staying at Flamborough Head, is a very rich wildlife area with 5 Barn Owl pairs nesting on the headland. I had high hopes! Although I saw over 10 owls in 5 days, no shots made the cut unfortunately.

The RSBP reserve at Bempton is definitely worth a visit during the summer months if your nearby. From just 25 breeding Gannet pairs about 20 years ago, to the site now being the largest mainland breeding colony in England- a testament to the hard work done, a real success story!

The reserve is free to enter and is open after the visitor centre closes. The cliffs being 300ft tall pose a problem for a photographer looking to photograph the seabirds. Of the 200,000 birds nesting on the cliffs, only the Gannets come up the the top during flight, pushed up by strong Eastly breezes. At 2 spots on the reserve – staple newk and jubilee corner – they come up to the top to collect nesting material, which provides a good opportunity for shots.

The shot above was taken with a 16-35mm lens during a fairly drab sunrise at 4:30. Although wide angle shots produce stunning images of animals you can get close to , Gannets are not one, so taking it out the bag and putting the telephoto away during such a crucial shooting time was daunting. Not sure if the above works?

Although not as productive as i would have liked, definitely a trip i will be making again in the future. If your planing to make a trip let me know and i will give you locations of good Short Eared and Barn owl sites.

Feedback always appreciated on images.



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