End of 2010

As I write the light is starting to fade. A murky fog that has lingered for days is hanging diligently in the air turning everything a sultry grey. There is something rather mystical about it, and the cawing of a crow coming from the silhouette of a near-by tree only adds further to the atmosphere akin to something out of a fairytale.


We seem to have had an invasion of crows this year. Where normally I would see only one or two a large mob has taken up residence in the neighbourhood along with a good number of jackdaws. I have even spotted a white individual among the latter that appears now and again, though it has no intention to be photographed and can spot a camera a mile off.


Flocks of redwings are busy plucking the last berries – the only remaining splashes of colour – from the bushes reducing nature’s palette to shades of black, brown and grey. Winter is a season full of muted tones, dusky shapes, shadows and silhouettes. There is something distinctly magical about the colder months. As we dress up to keep warm much of nature is stripped to its bare bones. This is most evident on the trees, their skeletal frames exposed to the elements. Although the landscape can seem rather stark in winter and potential shots my not reveal themselves so easily, it is often the less obvious images that make the best photographs.

Happy New Year and good luck to all for 2011!



Some images from 2010


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